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'Renewing Hope' at Chaplin Church

Renewing Hope is a way to help Children during the Christmas Season.

This is a Three-fold ministry.  First, we accept applications for families in need to receive donated gifts for their children under 18 years of age.  Second, we need people to purchase gifts for Renewing Hope Children.  Third, we accept monetary donations to help purchase gifts.

If you would like to give to Renewing Hope, please call;

860-933-8899 (Sarah)  

She will get you information for donating either Money or to get information on how to buy a toy or gift for a certain child.

To apply for your family to get gifts for your child(ren), download the application below and return to the Chaplin Congregational Church via email;


Here is how it works:  A person will apply for a gift for their child(ren) under 18 years old.  That child will be assigned a number with only their  age and a desire for what they would like to have for Christmas.  The one buying the gift for the child  will purchase the item(s) that they signed up for.  They will then bring back the item(s) to the Chaplin Church, with the number of the child, unwrapped so that the parent can wrap it for their child(ren).

You can sign up for one or multiple Children.

We at Renewing Hope want to make sure that every family can have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the love of God and be blessed by others.

To Register your family to receive gifts from Renewing Hope or to donate to Renewing Hope - click on a link below.

Renewing Hope Application

Donate to

Renewing Hope Children's Gift Fund

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