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Matthew633 Food Pantry, Located at 120 Union Street in Willimantic, CT, provides nutritious food for people in the Willimantic area. Matthew633 Food Pantry uses a Supermarket model, the food is set up on shelves by food groups. Patrons/clients walk through the space and take food off shelves as needed according to pantry guidelines.

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The Council for Christian Arts, Thrift Shop is open as of May 22, 2020.  We have clothes, furniture, shoes, knick-knacks and more.  Great prices to help people get a hand up not just a hand out.  Prayer area is available for us to pray with you.  We take debit/credit cards and even that occasional green stuff called cash.  

During this pandemic, we are adhering to the social protocol given by the state, so masks are needed to enter the store and you will need to wear gloves (provided) to touch the merchandise until this pandemic orders are changed.

For donations or hours call:

                         860 786 7530

In His Presence Radio exists to promote our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to the lost and to encourage Christians in the Willimantic listening area.

We are on the air Sunday's from 6PM to 8PM.  We also are on Facebook livestreaming on: 


Upcoming Ministries Under CCA

Parenting is Heart Work

Financial Course



Having trouble with your kids?  Can't seem to know how to raise them in a good home?  Than maybe we can help.  This course is a way for parents (new and older) to learn techniques to raise their children in a Godly and loving home.  We are almost ready to start this course.  These courses will be held at 120 Union Street, Willimantic CT.  Look for times coming shortly.

Pastor Roger Bolduk is your facilitator.  He has raised 5 Children and has 7 Grandchildren and has counseled many families with kids.  

One of the main causes of divorce, fights and life issues is our finances and our lack of being able to follow God's principles for good money management.  Pastor Paul Lanier will take you through the challenges of creating a good money management plan with you involved.  God will not give us more money if we are not good with what He gives us already. These courses will be held at 120 Union Street, Willimantic CT.  Look for times coming shortly.

Pastor Paul Lanier is a financial advisor that knows finances.

Don't cover that check engine light with tape or panic.  Many problems can be fixed with maintaining your vehicle and you can do it, many times, by yourself without paying a mechanic your next 3 paychecks.  Pastor Daryn Ortiz will help you learn basic maintenance and quick repairs on your car. These courses will be held at 120 Union Street, Willimantic CT.  Look for times coming shortly.

Pastor Daryn Ortiz has been repairing cars for many years and knows how to fix and also teach others to keep their cars in tip-top shape.